One Step Forward, Two Steps _ _ _ _

Here we are, 24 days into owning an apartment at 2000 Bloor Street West.

Demolition began Tuesday. Finally.

Things move a little slower in a co-op. That’s our impression anyway. It was about a week or a week and a half before our guest access was set up. Even though we had renovation plans in hand prior to taking possession of the apartment on February 1st we had to wait for the co-op board to meet on the 16th of February to have them approved. They apparently only meet once a month. The first set of renovation plans was rejected by the co-op board. Plans were simplified and tentatively approved. It all depends on what is revealed once the demolition is complete.

We were hoping to remove a small radiator in the kitchen which serves no real purpose. The co-op board said that we would have to assume responsibility for any problems which occur in radiators anywhere in the building if we were to do so. We chose not to take the risk. The co-op board also doesn’t want us to change the location of any of the bathroom fixures (sink, toilet, shower). We had hoped to move things around so as to increase the size of the bathroom (fractionally) plus move the entry from kitchen to hallway. We just aren’t crazy about a bathroom opening up onto the kitchen….

On Monday we moved a disgusting old refrigerator and stove out to the curb for pick up. Neither had ever been cleaned. Inside, outside, under or behind. We are always amazed by humans. In this case, amazed in a not so good way.

The demolition crew reached a roadblock when they discovered the water shut-offs were painted shut. Question to the universe: why paint water shut-offs which are hidden in a closet? And so, we had to wait until the plumber could come yesterday to install new shut-offs. Again, amazed by humans.

Aside from renovation woes we have a pronouncement to make. We really don’t like to use the word, ‘never.’ But! In this case we feel so strongly that we are willing to break that commandment. We will never choose to live in a basement ever again! To go from living in a light and air filled van to living in a space below ground with barely a sense of the outdoors was a very big mistake. We are relocating above ground on March 1st! Believe us that that date cannot come soon enough.

Our moods reached an all time low last weekend. We began doubting everything. Especially buying this apartment. We wanted more than anything to flee Toronto. To be back in our van exploring some never before seen place very far from here.

And here we are one week later. Demolition complete. Some discoveries we are not willing to talk about just yet. They aren’t good. Options are extremely limited. Hopeful? Unh unh. Moods improved. Not at all.

However, if we are anything, we are follow-throughers (made up term). We will see this renovation through to completion. Even if we are to sell it and move on. Our friends and family keep encouraging us with sentiments like, ‘renovating is fun,’ and ‘design is your strength’. It helps. And who knows what will happen in three months time. Least of all us! We could end up liking the place… just that it doesn’t feel like it currently. Oil changes are looking pretty sweet right now.