The Folks blogen

We’re Julie Gibb and Christian Morrison. We’ve made a life together collaborating on design, print and video installation projects for 29 years. We have been self-employed as graphic designers, letterpress printers and partners in Pantry Press Inc. We thrive on collaboration and being active members of a creative community.

Since selling our Toronto home and studio in 2014 we have travelled roughly 140,000km around North America, first in our 1990 Volkswagen camper van and more recently in our 2018 Hymer Aktiv camper van. In 2016 our travels inspired a three-night multi-media installation entitled Shangri-La at Spark Box Studio in Picton, Ontario. Using our own camper van as a platform for our work in photography, video, printmaking and sculpture it was our goal to document and elaborate upon a Utopian state of being that many “Roadsteaders” dream of and live.

We continue to travel, live and work part-time from our van still using ‘Folks blogging from their Volkswagen’ except now we are blogging from our ‘Hymer* Sweet Home.’ We plan to share more and new creative projects here inspired by our wandering ways.

Hymer: German for Home