Remembrances of things past

It’s where I grew up. Amherstburg. A small town where the Detroit River meets up with Lake Erie. It is pretty. Particularly in the warm months when everything is alive and green and there is activity on the river and lake. Growing up here I was surrounded by family, all my grandparents, cousins, aunt, uncles and my friends. I had what was considered an idyllic childhood really. I don’t remember being UNhappy here. Yet… from the time I was about twelve years old I dreamed of leaving, seeing the world, living in a big city. I couldn’t wait. As a teenager I didn’t dream of getting married, having children or a house. But then how many teenagers do dream of having these things?! I knew I wanted to be self-employed and travel. Some things never change.

We just spent two months in the town where I grew up. I haven’t spent this much time here in about thirty-two years. Here is the interesting thing… the same feelings I had when I was twelve years old reappeared. I dreamt of leaving pretty well the whole time we were there. I felt an overwhelming desire to travel, to escape. I do have fond memories of growing up in this little town that while much larger in population than when I lived there is but a fraction of itself now. Industries, businesses, marinas, motels, Boblo Island Amusement Park are but memories now. Residents talk fondly of the past, the glory days, wishing it were so now. The Amherstburg of 2015 is a result of Free Trade, 9/11 and globalization. It will never be the same as it was 40 years ago no matter how much people wish otherwise. Everything changes. Well, almost.

— Julie