The Village of Red Wing

This visit has been a long time coming. Our friends Lise and Steve the Potter (yes, Steve is a talented potter! and so named by our mutual friends, Michael and Nobuyo) have extended invitations to visit their home countless times over the years and we finally accepted their most recent gracious offer. They recently moved into a new home in the village of Red Wing where they enjoy a really incredible view of the Beaver Valley. They basically live in the Tuscany of Ontario. We walked through their soon to be dripping with apples orchard, enjoyed the view from their deck while barbequeing and then were treated to a delicious meal while watching the bats flit to and fro outside the dining room as the sun dipped into the horizon. Once again we were offered a bed, this time a king size with a view of the Valley and our own bathroom. How could we resist, seriously?! We slept long and well. When we awoke it was Father’s Day and Steve and Lise were struggling with the assembly of two Muskoka chairs… so, the other father helped with assembly after which the fathers sat on the deck in the assembled chairs to drink Lise’s special smoothies while enjoying the sun and landscape. On this gloriously beautiful summer day we walked the country roads, down to the river, through the hamlet, up a highway and back to their lovely home for a beautiful brunch. Thank you so much Lise and Steve, Gibby (the dog) and Stretchy Pants/Sketchy (the cat)! When we once again have a home ‘not on wheels’ we would love to attempt to repay your hospitality!

beaver-valley blue-van blue,silver,white-vanswhite-van   stp-viewgibby-the-doglise-and-julie steve-and-christianintersecting-dirt-roads poppies  walking-in-red-wing