Our Royal Visit

We left Amherstburg, making a quick stop at the Mailloux’s farm stand on Alma Street to buy some fresh asparagus and cucumbers for our hosts – Elia and Margot. We then made our way to the royal city** of Guelph, Ontario where they now make their home at the intersection of Neeve and Toronto Streets. Elia and Margot slaved away in advance of our visit and prepared a very delicious dinner for us comprising of pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw and grilled asparagus followed by ice cream topped with rhubarb compote while we watched a sign-painting documentary. We had planned on sleeping in the van parked in their driveway but alas we were offered a room with a comfy mattress which we happily accepted. (We decided that if we are offered a bed during our travels we will accept.) Also, the temperature went down to the single digits during the night! After a great night’s sleep Elia made us coffee to kickstart the day and then we all paid a visit to the Guelph Farmer’s Market which is reason enough to choose to live in Guelph. After that we walked over to the Carden Street Bistro for a really delicious brunch, saw where Margot works (Rawlicious), shopped for some essential licorice at the Dutch Toko shop, collected our things back at their house and prepared to hit the road again. We had such a lovely visit. Elia and Margot are royally good hosts. We can’t wait to visit again soon.

** The name Guelph comes from the Italian Guelfo and the Bavarian-Germanic Welf. It is a reference to the reigning British monarch at the time Guelph was founded, King George IV, whose family was from the House of Hanover, a younger branch of the House of Welf.

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