Folks no longer blogging from their Volkswagen

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. We prefer not to resist them. Things change, we change, vans change. And sometimes, if you let it, an old van can change your life.

On Saturday, June 8th we said goodbye to another home. For five years Van Morrison and Gibb, our 1990 Volkswagen Westfalia was our home-on-wheels. Three of those full-time. The thing we have learned is that we can create a home anywhere as long as we’re connecting with people and a community.

We had no idea how much we would love travelling and living in this van when we bought it. We’ve visited places, met people, had experiences we definitely would not have had otherwise. The time has come, however, for this adventure-mobile to be loved and enjoyed by new folks.

The process of selling it was neither easy or fast. It took a month, a few trips to an excellent mechanic named Geoff, in Windsor, a couple of trips to be certified, two solid gold tows by CAA, roughly $1,000 in repairs and a certain amount of stress. By the time we said goodbye it was running really well, the issues of the past year had been solved and a sweet family from Windsor drove away with giant grins excited for the future. In their words, ‘some day is today!’ This van is Rino’s dream come true. We will live vicariously through Rino, Anastasia and their boys. At least for as long as it’s running great. Just kidding!!

For us, the most important places on a map are places we have never been for they always lead to people we have yet to meet. This montage includes many of the folks that have been part of our journey. The people we didn’t photograph are etched in our memories. To the family and friends, old and new, that have hosted us; the friends that travelled to meet us; the people that shared time, meals and campfires; the mechanics that saved us and moved us to the front of the line; the good Samaritans; the camp hosts; the park rangers; the VW enthusiasts; the growers, cooks, food purveyors and fellow diners; the artists with whom we shared time at Spark Box Studio and the community of Prince Edward County that supported our residency; the storytellers; the bicycle tour guides; the folks that share a love of wandering and the outdoors; the virtual friends that inspire us and offer support; to each and every one of you, thank you. We love you.

We’re still Folksblogen. We’re still blogging. But instead of, ‘Folks blogging from their Volkswagen,’ we’re, ‘at home in our Hymer.’ We look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time.