The Journey of Life. Here Comes Tomorrow.

On May 30th we celebrate five years of writing this blog. We continue to be inspired by the experiences, people and places of our wandering ways and would like to use this space to share creative projects.

We have just amassed two more months of video taken as we’ve travelled the secondary roads, the back roads, the dirt roads and the barely roads of the southern US. We are dreaming up video stories to share which are less YouTube reality and more experimental drawing upon Christian’s video art background.

As we wander the people we encounter, the places we visit and the experiences we commit to memory continue to grow and inspire us to write short stories which may or may not be a little more fictional, a little less factual. It will be up to you to decide.


Five years in we have more and more questions. Once in a while we’re able to extract answers. We find ourselves wondering, not just of ourselves, but others, ‘whose dream are you living anyway?’ Are you dreaming of a life you wish to live or are you living the dream? Is it possible to continuously live the life you wish? Or does it ebb and flow? Is happiness a direct result of living your dreams? Or is it even related? Do you know someone who is living a life that inspires you to follow your dreams? If you do can you point us in their direction? We have this idea of doing a PODCAST on this very topic. We’d love to hear from you!

The Empirical Guide to….

We have travelled the breadth of Canada and the USA and dipped into Mexico by van. We’ve camped in innumerable provincial, state, national, municipal and private campgrounds throughout this continent. We have shopped for food at farmer’s markets, roadside stands, mom and pop shops and grocery chains far and wide. We have eaten at restaurants, from food trucks, in cafes. We research it all wherever we go. We have compiled reading lists throughout our travels that help us to understand the history and culture of the places we visit. We map routes, take ferries, ride bikes, rent kayaks and canoes. We cross borders. Travel with a dog. We work from the road, in the van. Seek out Airbnbs and unique hotels. We’ve sought out mechanics in countless states and provinces. We hike trails everywhere we go. We have so much information to share! In the form of digital travel guides, perhaps?! We think Empirical, Greek for experience, is the perfect name for such guides. Experience, using all of the senses. To know something, after all, is to see it, hear it, taste it, smell it — exactly how we love to travel and experience the world. Let us know what you think?!

Have you ever wanted to see a mermaid in the sky with diamonds?!

mermaid in the sky

Step through this doorway for the best fried seafood on Highway 17 in coastal Georgia!

doorway to fried seafood

We know where to find the Redneck Yacht Club. Interested?

redneck refreshment - 1

If watching the sunset from the back of your campervan, being lulled to sleep by an ocean breeze and the sound of mullet jumping in the inlet is your idea of heaven you’re in luck, we know just the spot!

sunset cedar key

Since MacDuff joined our travelling caravan we’ve learned first hand where he and his canine kind are and aren’t welcome. From beaches to hiking trails to restaurants and museums we are in the know.

We hope you’ll continue to join us as we navigate forward on this journey of life.

Here comes tomorrow!