Giving Thanks

We passed Canadian Thanksgiving in Georgia at the Okefenokee Swamp eating homemade bean burritos. We find ourselves in Picacho, Arizona for American Thanksgiving. We had planned to continue travelling westbound today towards San Diego but the folks here at the Picacho KOA were so welcoming. After several invitations to join in the Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner we decided to stay one more night. Our contribution was a carrot salad in the largest bowl we have and a small watermelon, both campervan-scaled contributions. The owners cooked two turkeys and two hams and the campers contributed the rest. So, we ended up having turkey and pumpkin pie after all with a room full of friendly people we have never met.

This brings us to what Thanksgiving is all about… being grateful. First, we are thankful that we have one another. You couldn’t embark on a crazy adventure like this with just anyone. In the 25 years we have known one another we have worked, lived, loved and travelled together. Happily and mostly easily.

On this journey we have met many new acquaintances, some with whom we have become friends and all of whom have extended generosity of spirit and good humour. The people have been the best part of travelling this way. Thank you to all of those we have met along the way.

Thank you to our family and friends at home for not forgetting us, for not giving up on us, for keeping us in their hearts and thoughts. We think of all of you every day.

Nature. Geography. Pachamama. We are in awe everywhere we go, every day of this journey. The beauty of this continent is incredible. We are so grateful to see and experience so much of it. We often wonder how we will return to living indoors again and not surrounded by fresh air and the beauty of nature.

And boy are we proud of Van Morrison and Gibb. This 25 year-old-van has made it possible for us to travel 37,938 km…so far. This van continues to bring out the better side of humanity. We encounter stories, waves, honks, peace signs, high fives, enthusiastic gesturing from passing cars each day.

And finally we are grateful for the small things. Or maybe they aren’t that small. Clean bathrooms. A sink with running water, possibly hot, for washing our dishes. Sunshine. Temperatures above freezing. Good, fresh food. Regular photos of Harriet. The dark, starry sky.

Tomorrow we continue west to another place we have never been. We have rented a casita in San Diego, California for a week. We’re excited to say that we’ll be there WORKING on a new design project!

1-us-at-the-window 2-sunset-tucson 3-salima-and-roberto 4-harriet-receives-her-gift 5-bisbee-at-night 6-van-in-bisbee-at-night