Pigging out in Belfast

This is skipping ahead in our journey but …. we once again have van problems and so we ended up in Belfast, Maine thanks to Vanagon Rescue Squad. The VRS helps to locate the closest VW Vanagon-friendly mechanic. So… we are here in Belfast which is simply beautiful and a really lovely coastal town. We probably wouldn’t have come here had we not been having van problems (more on that in the actual Maine post!). Tonight we had dinner at this great BBQ restaurant called Pig Out BBQ. It’s not that we are tired of fish and seafood. We are not!  And we definitely are not tired of being by the ocean. Won’t think about that just yet! Anyway, it smelled good, the reviews were good so we thought why not… To start our server, Kim, was just lovely, like most people here in Belfast. We sampled the BBQ chicken, brisket, pulled pork, turnip greens (though traditionally collard greens, turnip greens are what is local up here in the north! we like that), baked beans and mac and cheese. Whew! and because we couldn’t resist and because Kim was so accommodating we shared a single serving of half servings of blueberry cobbler and pecan pie that we sooooo delicious very likely made better because we shared them. If you are ever in Belfast, Maine do stop in at Pig Out BBQ and order one of everything.

1-pig-out-mailbox 2-wood-pile 3-sauces 4-bbq-dinner 5-dessert