Just a Hole in a Rock, Per Se

When nature makes a big statement like drilling a whole in a rock and detaching from the mainland people take notice. Add to that the world’s highest tides and you have something extraordinary… this is Percé. The village of Percé doesn’t seem to take this for granted either. They brew great beer at Pit Caribou, have a boulangerie that makes exceptional croissants and pastries, serve up some of the best seafood we have had on this trip and offer up one of our favourite views from our favourite campgrounds on this trip. We started taking photos of this pierced rock as we approached from across the bay to the other side from our campground, at midday, dusk, night and morning. We captured this rock from many vantage points and times of day. We were mesmerized. After parking the van we walked up to the highest point overlooking the rock then down and along the beach and viewed it at sea level then we walked the loop back to town for a really refreshing brew at Pit Caribou. Intending to continue our drive towards New Brunswick we were drawn to Côte Surprise Campground just outside of town which offered a spectacular view of  the massive pierced rock. This is a decision we would not regret. We walked back into town and had a great meal at Maison du Pêcheur. One of the items we shared was the soupe de poisson with rouille which was comparable or better than the best we had in Corsica last year. We really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. The walk back along the highway helped with digestion. The night sky was so beautiful which we enjoyed with a little wine. In the morning the rock was blanketed in a cloud of fog. We stopped in at the boulangerie for café and croissants before continuing on our way to New Brunswick. We left Rocher-Percé reluctantly.

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