Jardins de Métis: Reford’s Folly

A couple years ago a chef we know from Montreal recommended that we visit this amazing garden on the south shore of the St. Lawrence. That special place is called Jardins de Métis. Also known as Reford Gardens, a woman named Elsie Reford is responsible for these remarkable gardens. Estevan Lodge was gifted to her by her uncle George Stephen because she shared his love of salmon fishing. He couldn’t have left it to a better person. And it just so happened that Camping Annie was about 5km down the highway from here. So first thing in the morning we beelined it to the site. The cultivated gardens are extensive and beautiful but the Art Walk is spectacular. Artists and architects from around the world have created installations that reference and reinforce the idea of gardens. Photos of the grounds follow. Estevan Lodge is now a restaurant and museum. Apparently it is a four star restaurant. Unfortunately we were there first thing in the morning so a meal was out of the question this time. The garden shed museum displays were among our favourites. There were multiples of certain historical garden and agricultural implements displayed in really creative and inspiring configurations. We recommend a stop here to anyone travelling to the Gaspésie.

engraved-rockslong-wall view-thru-windowfloral-wallbuilding-w-tree-inside building-w-tree-outside   groomed-path  flyswatter attic-activityold-garden-party old-pesticidesclever-garden-tablepommes-canadiennelego  lupins marigold-wall marigolds-and-pattern matchsticks nature-reflected   pink-cord-wrapped-tree  potted-forest-plants reflecting-pool restaurant rocking-cube view-from-house  window-to-the-sea