A Murray Bay Kind of Day

The actual place where Christian’s parents met is Le Manoir Richelieu which when the original wooden version burnt down in the 1920s was rebuilt in the style of a Normandy Chateau. It is a grand old hotel overlooking the St. Lawrence where both families used to spend their holidays. There is a well known family photo of Carlotta and her daughter Sandy posing by a horse drawn carriage in front what is now a casino. We posed in front of the same building sans horse drawn carriage although we did see one. The interior has been redesigned several times over the decades and the latest iteration has the large vaulted spaces decorated in faux tudor and Jacobian style. After wandering the extensive grounds we paid a visit to the Boulangerie in La Malbaie and then made our way to a waterside park for a picnic. Christian’s childhood friend Felicity and her family have spent summers in Murray Bay (La Malbaie) forever and continue to share a property formerly owned by their mother in Cap D’Aigle. So, we explored the Cap looking for the Campbell house which seemed to be hiding from us. We did photograph a massive and unique wooden church on the same road as their house. We enjoyed a final evening at our campsite overlooking the mighty St. Lawrence where we sat sipping a glass of wine with our feet up and swaddled in socks knitted (incorporating yarn we sent her last May from Avoca Woolen Mill in Ireland) especially for Folksblogen by our friend Stacy Barbetta. Stacy – we want you to know that these socks have come in very handy on this trip – thank you! We could definitely understand why the Munoz and Morrison families chose to return here every summer.

driving-to-mr golf-course-with-a-view golfers-million-dollar-view green-window-frames the-manoirhorse-drawn-carriage julie-in-same-spot-as-carlaus-in-same-spot-as-carla the-manoir  van-at-boulangerielow-tidejulie-on-waterfrontchristian-picniccampbells-churchsunny-campsitemalbaie-camp-dinnerstacy-car-sockscamping-des-erables