A Capital Time during a Capital Visit

We bid our friends Eenie, Meenie, Miney, John and Lily farewell and hit the road (and then the Glenora Ferry) bound for Ottawa. We spent three nights visiting our friends John, Chantal, their son Maxime and cat Sporty in their mid-century neighbourhood of Alta Vista. John cooked delicious meals throughout our visit in his brand new kitchen. We spent our first day exploring and discovering the neighbourhood of Hintonburg. If you’re looking for a happening neighbourhood in Ottawa we can recommend this one. It is home to Suzy Q Doughnuts, Tacolot (what city is not tapping the taco trend?) which is literally in a parking lot, Hintonburger, Tennessy Willems wood-fired pizza, a Microbrewery called Beyond the Pale, a market and a neat fabric and notions shop called Fabrications. We shopped quite a bit mainly for food and ingredients for meals and so got to know some great food purveyors in Ottawa. One of our favourite stops was a place called Seed to Sausage. We have been eating some of their products since leaving Ottawa. In fact, we were just eating some of their spicy pickled carrots tonight. We really enjoyed their sausage, sauerkraut and baked beans as well. On our final evening John and Chantal organized a chocolate tasting – the Hummingbird chocolates came from Christian and John’s hometown of Almonte. We enjoyed what was to be the last bed we would sleep in for a while because after Ottawa we headed to Quebec and began living from our van. Thanks John and Chantal for a really lovely visit.

christian-and-van-on-ferryall-aboard dinner-at-j&c hintonburg-happening brittneyhintonburger laundry-majestic strawberries suzy-q-hours suzy-q-sign doughnutsart-bus-sheltertacolot tinsel-house whalebone-garden whalesbone-signstadiumkettlemansseed-to-sausagebaked-beans-and-sauerkrauthummingbird-chocolateold-friendsJohn-and-Chantal-with-vanj&c-wavingImage 2014-07-04 at 8.17 PM