Home is where the heart is….

What everyone knows is this: on May 9th we sold and moved out of our home in Toronto. What you may not know is that Julie’s sister Tina and her husband Mark cleared out and painted Jakob’s (our nephew) old bedroom so that we could move our furnishings into this room. Our bed, bedside tables and lamps, dresser, bookshelf and even a couple of large photos that hung in our living room and dining room now fill this room. Because of their exceptional generosity we have a pied-a-terre in Toronto filled with our own personal comforts. For a month they have allowed us to be a daily part of their family life. We have had the great fortune to be entertained every single day by our one-of-a-kind funny as-all-get-out, smart and über talented golfing nephew; to tag along to three pre-prom parties and to be part of our drop-dead gorgeous niece Mackenzie’s high school prom; to celebrate said niece’s 18th (wow! how did that happen already?!) birthday; to enjoy numerous family meals together; to spend really special time together. Thank you Tina, Mark, Mackenzie and Jakob – we love you!!

Julie’s Dad: we spent five days in May at his house in Amherstburg cleaning, fixing and transforming the van. This meant taking over the dining and living rooms which were essentially transformed into a factory/ sewing sweat shop. Dad was unfazed. He has happily provided us with quality and dependable storage for our valued belongings. Thank you for your patience and for being so easy going. We love you!

Most of our belongings are in a storage facility. The rest are, aside from Dad’s in Amherstburg and Tina and Mark’s house in Toronto with our friends – Lori and Dave, Erica and George, Mike, Liz and Kieran. Thank you all – what would we do without you?! Hopefully you can enjoy some of the items you are so kindly storing in our absence!