The Folks Who Blog

We are a married couple (Christian Morrison and Julie Gibb) who have been self-employed as graphic designers since 1990, as letterpress printers since 1994, partners in the Canadian Chefs’ Congress since 2008. Following a sabbatical in 2013 we decided to sell our home, our letterpress equipment, put the bulk of our belongings in storage and buy a 1990 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon with the idea of driving around North America and possibly Central America for a year. So, on May the 9th we literally rolled out of our studio on Pearson Avenue in our trusty (we hope) home on wheels. We have been and will be living amongst family while preparing to hit the road on June the 7th. Our first destination will be Newfoundland with a stopover (we hope) in the part of France closest to Canada.