Preparing to hit the road

Preparing to leave Toronto is more time consuming than we perhaps realized. Our to do lists grow and shrink simultaneously. While still in Toronto we were able to lay a linoleum floor and install a roof rack to hold the Thule box. Last week we drove to Amherstburg to work on the van (VanMorrison and Gibb). Christian cleaned it thoroughly on the inside – vacuuming the flocked ceiling and washing every surface. He installed a mud flap on the passenger side, fixed things that needed to be fixed. All the while I sewed new curtains and some upholstery for the cushions, a table cloth and napkins (always the designers), soft storage, etc. We washed and (ugghhh) shrunk the mattress/cushion covers (at least they are clean). We are obviously trying to make our new home on wheels as comfortable and homey as possible. Especially since we could be living out of it for about a year.

This week we are working on, among other things, this blog! Finally.

in-goes-the-linoleumjulie-sweeps-up   installing-the-mud-flapup-goes-the-thule christian-vacuuming christian-vacuums-tall hemming-the-curtains julie-sews macduff's-place the-van-after van-before-shot  our-Westy-living-roomvan-signage